Monday, July 26, 2010

Waiting for College... Impatiently

So after not gaining a tangible thing from all the time and stress that stemmed from trying to get a International Baccalaureate, I'm now onto the search and buy process for my dorm room. I have a international student as my  roommate.. also known as I won't know anything about them till I meet them the first week of school. So far I've bought a cute black ottoman (cube with a bunch of storage inside), which is currently enjoying holding all my library books so my mom can't tell how many I have. I've also gotten my bedding set (yay grey flowers) though I need to find a colorful decorative pillow since grey would drive my mind insane.

Also two days ago I found a snake in my bathroom (I was home alone to make it worse). I was just leaving the bathroom after doing my hair and heard that horrid noise on the linoleum-- I still can't go in that room mentally. Currently no matter which restroom/bathroom I use I check around the toilet before sitting down, I'm completely paranoid, it's terrible. Keep in mind snakes are my worst nightmares. Sure we don't have any poisonousness killer snakes up here, and it was only a grey gardener snake and not even a really big one at that. Still imagine yourself in my shoes, I'd never seen a ... snake inside the house before. Let alone on the second floor of the house, the species scares me to death beyond words. It's still early and I absolutely HATE mornings, I hear that sound on the linoleum (I'll remember that sound for decades), I spin around--- screaming at the top of my lungs--- I see a foot or so of the dark grey tail push out from behind the toilet. Still screaming at the top of my lungs I run out of the bathroom. I slam the door. I run downstairs and pick up my cell and call my parents and tell them what's going on (they were at lunch), my dad laughed at me and told me to cover the hole below the door with towels so he couldn't escape (which I promptly did against my wishes -- didn't want to be anywhere near that door). At that point my dad said to just deal and wait for a few hours till they got home... I started planning my escape to the mall for the day. But then my mom called back with the phone number to the neighbors who can stand the nasty creatures, so I called the number and they came and removed the creature. Since then I can't bring myself to go into that room minus grabbing my tooth brush/paste and rushing back out.

So then yesterday it had been a good five months since Razza (my beloved dog) had destroyed a pair of my ear phones (before that she had been going a pair a month) apparently she hasn't outgrown that obsession like I thought she had... so yes time to buy yet another pair of ear phones.


D e L a n c e y :) said...

Hahaha :) Poor Razza, she must be scared silly of snakes

DeLancey said...

And I'm so proud of myself (: I memorized your url so I can find this place easy when firefox is being stupid xD

Anonymous said...

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