Tuesday, December 29, 2009

I see snow!!

So first snow of the season up in our area. And the weather station didn't even predict it-- it always seems to be the ones that they don't predict that actually pile up. The snow started falling aboutan hour ago and keeps falling, we're at about an inch now :) hmmm if this holds up till monday maybe I won't have to go back to school on the fourth-- now that would be a great birthday present.

Monday, December 28, 2009

This one goes out to the people willing to go the extra mile

I was going to post an introductory post, but honestly I don't feel like it.
Today (a couple hours ago) I borrowed my mother's van (hate that car, all big and bulky) and the little battery signal comes on in the corner of the dashboard...
She says it's fine and I won't have any issues... Guess what, I do all my errands and head back home. I am waiting for a light to turn green at one of the largest intersections in the city, and the radio flickers...I turn off the radio and heat for good measure hoping it will be enough. The headlights start to fade... my dashboard goes dark... I start freaking out since I've had my license for about eight/nine months. Then the engine goes... I pull out my cell phone as the light turns green... call the parents, they tell me to push the car off the road yadda yadda. Two kind (and good looking) guys not much older than me walk across the crosswalk I'm stuck behind, and come over to my window and tell me to put the car in neutral and they'll push while I steer. Note that we are in the left lane of a two lane street at rush hour. After putting on the emergency triangle light thing, they push me into the nearest parking lot (seriously my ABS, lights, power, engine- everything was out). After thanking them profusely-- seriously they deserved it, I was freaking out not five minutes before behind that crosswalk-- they left me after I told them that I had help coming and that I was fine. I called the parents back and said that I was in the nearby parking lot and that I was good for a bit while I waited. They arrived (I wasn't too far from home) and tried to jump start the engine... nothing. So we called AAA and hopped in the car they came in and the nasty hating van was towed home. So the moral that I wanted to point out--
Thank your everyday hero, they can mean everything to you in the event of the unpredictable-
Thank you!