Tuesday, December 29, 2009

I see snow!!

So first snow of the season up in our area. And the weather station didn't even predict it-- it always seems to be the ones that they don't predict that actually pile up. The snow started falling aboutan hour ago and keeps falling, we're at about an inch now :) hmmm if this holds up till monday maybe I won't have to go back to school on the fourth-- now that would be a great birthday present.


Aishwarya Swan-Cullen said...

Razza looks so freaking cute ^.^ Hey, nice page Keez! It look total Slythie XD


delancey said...

My dad was stuck getting home last night for 7 hours! I was waiting and waiting! He finally got home at 11 when he left his friend's house at 4 that was only 30min away!

Cute pic!