Sunday, January 10, 2010

College Application Advice

Here's the shortened version:
NEVER, EVER, Wait until the deadlines to fill out your second and third college apps
*Sounds so simple and self intuitive doesn't it? But no matter what you tell yourself, this is an extremely easy trap to fall into. And not to mention that waiting until the middle of January to fill out the second and third applications (both on different formats) will screw up your school work turn-in royally.

So now that you have been foolish enough to fall into this lovely trap of work piles in every corner because you have been filling out the ever-so-comforting college applications, and have finally finished the load (I promise the end is in sight), you turn to the pile of actual school work that you have put off for the last week and a half, along with all the studying you need to catch-up on. Your once perfectly spotless room (I swear mom I used to be a neat freak, honest) and your OCD clean dog glares at you for piling her personal chair (that used to be your reading chair) with loads of clean laundry that you never bothered to waste the time hanging up or even dumping on the shelf in your closet. Everything around you shows you a shadowy version of the nice perfect student/child you were just a week and a half ago. Can you clean up this mess yet? The answer is no. You still have that ever-so-thoughtful pile of actual homework that you put off.

So the moral. DO NOT PUT COLLEGE APPLICATIONS OFF UNTIL THE DEADLINES. Preferably write them during August or quite possibly September or October. Just don't fall into this mess that I have trapped myself in and will slowly climb out of.