Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Time for a Breather

I am a firm believer that when we hit our maximum capacity for stress, that the correct response is to just "be" for an hour or two. Not necessarily doing anything at all to combat the stress, but instead just letting it float away as we push all of the stress to the side and re-examine our perspective on life. Personally I end up changing my stress elimination method every few months, but so far writing poetry has held fairly strong and extremely helpful for my sanity.

One Stone to the Next
Tender prodding never too overwhelming,
Surrounds me,
Increasingly sharp,
How did that happen,
I could handle and maneuver before,
Take me back to that stage,
While not preferable,
It surely beats jumping from one hot coal to the next,
With the only option being to keep going,
Or burn.

Blissful calm seeping back into all the right places,
That it had been long lost from,
Swiftly sweeping through revitalizing from the toes upward to the brain,
Pulsating through and gently releasing the stress,
Still tender and soft from this long forgotten feeling,
But slowly getting back up and realizing that the world isn't impossible.

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