Saturday, January 16, 2010

The Third Shelfari Friend Request Decline

It takes a decent amount of effort to get yourself declined by my standards, all three of the members I've declined have filed into the following 2 categories:
-Flat out weird/annoying
-Telling me that the book they published is perfect for me (I do investigate and follow links provided, trust me that last one had a bad blog with equally frustrating and biased words in neon blue on it).
-Oh and each of the three have also been middle-aged men to boot.

So what I've taken from this random thinking is that when I write my novel during university (which I will do) to make a good appealing non-eye-burning-out blog for it, and not force the book on people who it was not made for.

Also a comment on the belief that teens are idiots. We are not idiots (okay some of us aren't), don't expect us to just trust everyone and believe anything, we can read between the lies and see when we're being lied to, so just don't even try it, it's not worth your time or our's.


Aishwarya Swan-Cullen said...

There's this dude called Alpesh who's sent me so many messages for friend requests and I'm sick and tired of it....

And then of course, there's people advertising their sites. Gah.

Ash xx

Keeziegirl said...

You can block him--
I think they just expect when you get into the hundreds as far as "friends" you'll accept anyone, but we do have standards still. Oh and the latest one was trying to sell me on his book saying that since I like paranormal I'd like his book, I checked the blog and it was all crappy philosophical stuff (his opinions) about sex.

D e L a n c e y said...

EEk. Yeah, they don't realize we we do have standards.