Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Three Types of Teen Guys in this World

They are either the jerks, the nerds(that don't even realize that you're female), or the overly courteous ones that make you want to rip your hair out, cause heck yes I can open that door myself.

So starting with the jerks. Often these are the guys we fall for on first glance, but then we start to talk to them... and they won't stop talking about what they're life's woes (or latest obsession). They might also be the ones staring at your chest and very much deserve that slap in the face (okay so nearly every guy deserves a slap in a face). Sure they might seem like a good idea initially but it shouldn't take to long to figure out that these idiots aren't in it for the long run.

Now to the nerds... ahh the science, computer, alternate universe obsessed nerds. These are the most difficult to deal with, we often tend to pity these types, or laugh as they misinterpret something we said thinking that we could ever like them (hmmm were we kidding? You'll never know). It's exceedingly difficult to find out where their heads are some of the time so, watching these from a safe distance before approaching is wise.

And over to the overly courteous(the reason I wrote this post today). I personally hate it when guys (or girls for that matter) hold doors open or do anything beyond what they need to do for me. I like to handle myself and be independent. I walk fast(bad left-over habit from the terrible years of middle school-- ahh the horror stories I could tell), and it takes a lot of restraint to bring myself to slow down to talk, I still have bad shyness issues that come out of the careful ties every once and a while, and you guys trying to help me out doesn't do much for me, all I interpret unneeded help to mean is that you pity me. So when anyone holds the door open for me when I'm perfectly capable, I won't say thank you, or even anything beyond a grunt or nice-ish mumble. Though that being said, I will thank people when I do actually need help or it would have caused me a large inconvenience (i.e. being late to school or late to class etc). My assumption is that we all have different opinions when it comes to this third type and I wanted to know what all of you thought.


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Taylor said...

Lol, Keezie. xD From now on, I'm going to hold the door open for you in your office. lol