Thursday, May 13, 2010

Only a few weeks left...

I just completed my fourth IB subject's tests, still two subjects to go, but it's just Biology and Japanese (okay I'm a bit scared of the Japanese writing). And after next Friday (the last day of testing), I have prom xD. We're pairing with another small school, because well both schools are too small to feasibly rent a place. I love my short violet poofy dress and our whole grade (all 16 of us that are going to prom that is) are riding in a limo together to get there from dinner at a friend's house then we also have the limo to get back to a dropping location :). These last three years are such a blur, it's like the last three years were one school year, and it just seems flat out strange to be graduating within simply weeks... I just filled out my senior will, and in between hating on rolling backpacks (really now people note the "back" part), and laughing about the juniors being left the ungodly hours between 1am and 5am for essay writing, it really hit me. If I had been by myself when I wrote it I think I would have legitimatly broken down, but since I was with friends I just kinda laughed off the realization. The last two weeks I've literally only been at school an average of two hours each day to take a IB test, maybe one or four depending on the day. I'm excited that after four years of this school to finally get to senior pranks... and since we're the first graduating class it's obvious we have to leave with a boom, we need a legacy and we won't settle for less xD.

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