Friday, July 16, 2010

Picking the Pen And Journal Up Again

It's been quite a while since I've written poetry, mainly due to my obsession with writing when I'm in a half dream state late at night. Since my definition of "late night" means somewhere around 3am that hasn't exactly been the best for my writing, so I've been slowly working my way back to more like midnight. Here's last night stuff:

In the daylight she inhales,
As well as exhales,
But is never quite all there...
She smiles,
She frowns,
And she also rolls her eyes,
But it never quite feels right.
The daylighters run to and fro,
She leans back and does errands,
Still waiting for the clock to chime,
To chime at 10 signaling her night,
Late enough for retreat,
To escape for her few brief hours,
Nearly always she is safe,
Getting her few scarce hours,
But not today,
On top of her many errands,
The morning bird catches the night,
Forcing the nightbird out of her element,
She squacks,
She caws,
She even hoots,
But nothing can bring back the lost

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